Heart of Aid Work provides Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to aid workers and refugees.


The goal of KLG Consulting Services is to support the work of humanitarians worldwide by providing:

  • skills based training
  • self-care promotion through individual and group counseling
  • MHPSS program development, capacity building and evaluation

KLG Consulting Services is dedicated to assisting your agency to ensure that vulnerable clients receive the high-quality services they deserve.



KLG Consulting Services often provides training workshops to help build skills such as, but not limited to:• Empathy & Boundaries • Communication • Self-Care • trauma 101 The foundation of each of these trainings is self-care. Effective skills are a part of the self-care tool kit.



KLG Consulting services provides one on one individual counseling in person and online.


Group Counseling

Aid workers are often friends as well as colleagues, group counseling can help the team to better understand and support one another.


Case Consultation

Case consultation offers a space wherein the team can discuss difficult situations. These conversations provide an additional safety net against burn out by sharing the burden of situation and obtaining feedback, and recommendations.


Changing Agency Culture

When agency values and the purpose of the work are no longer reflected in service delivery, due to burn out, everybody suffers including the beneficiaries. Together we can develop an environment that promotes the development of staff and services.


Program Evaluation

Program evaluation helps providers show the effectiveness of their programs to funders. It also helps program managers analyze gaps in services and knowledge.


Resource Development

Resource development may include research into a particular challenge or recommendations based on evaluations.


Work Examples

DRC Consulting Service

KLG (HEART) provided training on:

– The impact of trauma on adult refugees
– The impact of trauma on child refugees
– The impact of refugee trauma on humanitarian

UNHCR Unaccompanied Children’s Program

KLG provided a literature review along with a set of evaluation tools to be used in interviews various stakeholders including the children themselves and their caregivers

The Bhutanese Community of Cincinnati

KLG Consulting Services provided their staff and community with training and ongoing support to enhance their understanding of mental health and the health care system in the U.S.


Kristen combines expert understanding of refugee and torture survivor programming with strong analytic and writing skills to produce winning applications. I highly recommend, and will continue to utilize, Kristen for complex program design and proposal preparation jobs.

George Wright

Independent Consultant


It was a great experience overall. Very knowledgeable and dependable.


Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services


Kristen at KLG Consulting aided us in the development of the Western New York Center for Survivors of Torture, using her experience to guide us and to ensure a quality and effective program.

Pam Kefi

Jewish Family Service of Buffalo and Erie County


Kristen is a consummate professional, personable and knowledgeable. She presents her ideas with the utmost clarity, through her engaging presentation skills. She embraces any opportunity to assemble and bridge up a team. She has ability to navigate the relationship between research and practice, demonstrated by her dynamic collaboration with area clinicians and the deliverables produced by this partnership.

Khem Rizal

Executive Director